Monday, March 27, 2017

Open the door when He knocks


Elders Greenwood and Calizaya (companion)

This week was pretty intense! We had lots of hard days where our lessons fell through and life was a bit rough. BUT! As always, out of the darkness, comes the sun. And last Saturday, I don't know how, but we found just about everybody in their houses! We had great lessons, felt the Spirit, and committed many to go to church the next day! It was absolutely Wonderful!

District plus some extras from zone

That is something that I learned this week -- the hardest of times will always be followed by some sort of recompense. Lots of times we just have to pay the price necessary to have those good times.

District before transfers

I have also found that there are always little miracles that happen during those hard times. On one of those super hard days, we were out contacting. And, I was knocking on a door, AND I saw the people in their house! And they would not answer the door. I was pretty frustrated in that moment.

Zone before transfers

I continued on and knocked on the next door, and a car pulled up in the driveway. Now, normally, the people here have to get out of their cars and go open up their garage door manually. But, there have been moments when people have stayed in their cars to wait for us to leave so that we don't talk to them. So, when the guy that pulled up didn't get out of his car right away, I thought that it was one of those moments, and I started to walk away more frustrated.

Transfer day - Check out the Taxi!

Then, a little thought came to my head telling me to go and talk to that man. I thought to myself, "Really? Was that the Spirit?" I said a quick prayer to confirm that it was the Spirit. It was. I went over and talked to the dude. He turned out to be SUPER cool! He used to talk to missionaries all the time and he wants to learn more!

The Lord will not leave you alone in any moment, even in the hard times. We just need to be willing to open the door when He knocks.

Love you all! Have a great Life!

Elder Greenwood :)

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