Tuesday, July 25, 2017

One Week More

(Sent 7-24-17)

Hey everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Here we are. Just about to start the last week of the 2 best years for my life.

It has been an unforgettable ride. And like my swim coach always taught me, we finish hard to the end. :)

This week was great. We got to help a young lady named Alejandra enter the waters of baptism. That was a lot of fun.

Don't even know...preparing for a natural disaster?
Elder Greenwood with a sweet friend

We also got to hear a special training meeting from our mission president who received instruction from 2 apostles. I learned a lot there about ways that I can improve as a missionary and after the mission. There are so many things still to be learned. It's gonna be great! :)

Slurpin' a smoothie with the Mission Bros

Welp, I'll be seeing you all soon. It´s time to finish the race! 

Love you all!
Elder Greenwood :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Miracles are in the Air :)

(Sent 7-17-17)

What is up my dear friends and Family?

Double Zone Conference

The rains came down and the floods came up!

All is well here in Cuauhtemoc! Nice and rainy every day.

Just got to witness the baptism of Leticia Vasquez. She was a miracle from the start. She got married to a member like 3 months ago and, due to the calling of that member, we didn't ever see them in our branch. BUT! They showed up and asked us to teach her the Gospel. 

Still trying new things - Sriracha bun

They started reading the Book of Mormon together, and you could see the change of light within Sister Vasquez. She is incredible. As she gained more light, she understood more things about her Savior. That was an awesome thing to see. And her husband got to baptize her. It was beautiful. :)

Miracles are in the air.

Love you all! Have a great week of miracles!

Elder Greenwood :)
Famous Cuauhtemoc Sign with Both Zones

Monday, July 10, 2017

Buenas Tardes!

4th of July Celebration - Subway, Rootbeer, Chips, Watermelon

 This week was a great week full of stuff! We were visited by our mission president and learned how to become more consecrated missionaries. We also saw many miracles in our week.

The Mendoza Family - Love them!
As it turns out, the father of the father of a family that just got baptized in another branch is an old investigator of ours! This father has noticed the big change in his son that comes from living the gospel and now he is down once again to listen to us! We called him up Saturday night and he showed up to church by himself Sunday morning! Crazy!

AND, we contacted a lady this week who seemed pretty cool. We set up an appointment, showed up for that appointment, and she wasn't home. We called the number she gave us and it said that the number had been changed. So, we forgot about her.

Family Home Evening Activity

Later on that day, SHE CALLED US from another number. We set up another appointment for Saturday. The problem was that that Saturday we got stuck and had to help another lady, who will be getting baptized this week, to move houses. So, we couldn't go with this lady who I'm talking about. Her name is Maria de Jesus. So, I called her afterwards and told her sorry, and she said "don't worry about it, oh, and I still want to go to church with you all tomorrow. At what time is your church?"

Bus Station

She showed up by herself the next day AND she stayed for the other classes after Sacrament Meeting. We started to talk about the blessings that we had had this last week as a class in Gospel Principles. She shared her blessing of the week and started crying, saying that she just had felt so much darkness in her life, and then 2 young men knocked on her door, and that now she was there in church feeling true peace.

The gospel is true. There is no better feeling than being an instrument in the Lord's hands.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Greenwood :)

Monday, July 3, 2017

Going Strong!

Aitele todos mis hermanos de la fe!

Trust Activity

This week was yet another great week in the mission. Lots of heat, still learning new things.

A special thing that happened to us this week was when we were out knocking doors (there was no one to talk to in the street so we figured that they must be in their houses), we were not having any success. The people we found were less than interested. BUT WE KEPT GOING!

Strength & Endurance

Just like President Uchtdorf said in a talk not too long ago that is called FOURTH FLOOR LAST DOOR, we kept going. And we ended up finding several houses in a row that told us how confused they were with so many churches on this earth. BEAUTIFUL!


And another lady who told us that her father had just passed away. PLAN OF SALVATION! The Lord has prepared and is preparing people to hear the gospel. Now it is our job to find them and help them. And that we will!

Love you all,
Have a great week!

Elder Greenwood :)

Monday, June 26, 2017


Hey everybody! This week was a pretty fantastic week!!!

Elders Z, Nicoll, and Greenwood at Mall in Chihuahua

Highlights include:

- Confirmation of Javier
Elders Nicoll & Greenwood (??)

- Francisco Macias (recent convert) blessed the Sacrament


- Miracle of the Week: While we were out knocking doors, we knocked on a particular door and no one was home. 

THEN, the elderly neighbor lady peeked her head around the corner from her house and said, "Hey, nobody's home." We started to talk to her a little bit and, as it turns out, THIS LADY¨S SISTER HAD JUST GOTTEN BAPTIZED INTO OUR CHURCH like a couple weeks ago. This lady that found us (named Elena) told us that she was actually going to ask her sister if she could go to church with her this Sunday! AND, her grandma was a member and they did tons of family home evenings when she was younger! Talk about miracles! She is a gift from heaven.

Impressive Face Pancake

Miracles are out there!

Go Get 'Em!

Elder Greenwood :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Good Times

(Sent 6-19-17)

Heyo! What's up everybody!

Life is moving here in the mission. A dear friend named Javier just got baptized this last Friday. He is really a special person. We didn't find him. He just showed up to the church one day. He is a special soul.

Years ago, he was an atheist. Then, he started to believe in God again and wanted to find His true church. And now, the rest will be history. :)

I completed 22 official months in the mission today. The time has gone by too fast. But, just too fast. Everything feels like a dream sometimes. But here I am, literally working to help others receive salvation and eternal life. It is still an honor.

Love being a missionary!
And I love you all!

Elder Greenwood :)

Monday, June 12, 2017

Pure Poetry

Happy Summer everybody!

TRIPITAS (Cow Intestines)
Cut up to put into TACOS - YUM! 

Headed to Chihuahua to have dinner with President Montoya

The sun is high and the heat is dry.
It is hot, I cannot lie.
But we shall continue by and by.

Goals of Excellence Celebration
This week was a great week. We are helping one special investigator get ready for his baptism here this next week. He is an incredibly special young guy, and he has changed a lot.

We also got to go to Chihuahua and have dinner with president for completing the Goals of Excellence! That was a great experience and it was really fun to be with president and a bunch of other missionaries. Just like old times, hahaha!

Elder Greenwood's Award - COOL!

All is well here in the missionary field. We see the hand of the Lord in our lives constantly and that is what brings us our joy. Just like it says in my favorite scripture, Doctrine & Covenants 123:17:

Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.

Love you all!
Have a great week!

Elder Greenwood :)