Monday, June 26, 2017


Hey everybody! This week was a pretty fantastic week!!!

Elders Z, Nicoll, and Greenwood at Mall in Chihuahua

Highlights include:

- Confirmation of Javier
Elders Nicoll & Greenwood (??)

- Francisco Macias (recent convert) blessed the Sacrament


- Miracle of the Week: While we were out knocking doors, we knocked on a particular door and no one was home. 

THEN, the elderly neighbor lady peeked her head around the corner from her house and said, "Hey, nobody's home." We started to talk to her a little bit and, as it turns out, THIS LADY¨S SISTER HAD JUST GOTTEN BAPTIZED INTO OUR CHURCH like a couple weeks ago. This lady that found us (named Elena) told us that she was actually going to ask her sister if she could go to church with her this Sunday! AND, her grandma was a member and they did tons of family home evenings when she was younger! Talk about miracles! She is a gift from heaven.

Impressive Face Pancake

Miracles are out there!

Go Get 'Em!

Elder Greenwood :)

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