Monday, June 5, 2017

Classic Missionary Week

What is up everyone!

Elder Greenwood's District +
Elders Viscaya (former comp) and Greenwood

All is well here in Cuauhtemoc. Life is moving really, really quickly. Another week has just blown by.

We are working hard in the summer time! It is nice and sunny everyday, but we hear that the rainy season is coming! Hahaha, Hoping and Praying.

This week was had the opportunity to find quite a few new people who went to church years ago with other missionaries and are now interested again in going.

We were also talking with a certain investigator named Javier. He has been talking with us for a couple weeks now. We talked to him about the Restoration and he just loved it. He used to be Atheist, but a couple of years ago, he changed his life completely and now he has been feeling like Joseph Smith-- looking for the Truth and not knowing where to find it.

Pains of playing goalie!

Normally we teach that lesson first, but he had other needs, and now he has been prepared for that wonderful lesson that only our church teaches that will help him change his life even more. I am super excited for him! He is going to make a great member, and maybe missionary. :)

Love being a missionary and Helping others.
Have a great week everyone!

 With Love,
Your friend in Mexico

Elder Greenwood :)

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