Monday, March 13, 2017

Special Miracle

Hey people! This week was a pretty great week! We had lots of good things happen.

A special miracle that happened to us this week happened on Saturday.

Normally, my comp and I, when we plan for our day, call up the people that we have lessons planned with so that we can be sure that they will be there and see the desire that they really have to hear the message that can change their lives.

So, that means that we have lots of unknown numbers in our phone that we call sometimes. Not everyone answers the phone either, and sometimes they call us back to see who it was and we look through our agendas super fast to find their name and talk to them when that happens.

So, we did all that, and started heading to our area. And, on the way there, we got a call from an unknown number! We started looking through our agendas to see who it was, and nothing! We did not have that number in our phone. Elder Calizaya answered and said stuff like, "We're the missionaries, do you remember us?"

And the person said, "Yes."

And Elder Calizaya ended up asking at what time we could go and visit that person.

The person said 11:30.

Elder Calizaya then asked where the person lived.

And the person didn't hear and hung up.

We tried calling back several, and I mean several times. No one picked up.

So... there was nothing to do. And we went on with our day...

And, around 11:20 - we went to visit a certain contact that we had a lesson planned with. But we didn't find her. We found her husband who, as it turns out, was baptized years ago and stopped going to church not too long ago. We talked to him a bit, invited him and his family to church again, and, when we were leaving, we asked for his number. AND IT WAS THE SAME NUMBER THAT CALLED US BEFORE! Our minds were blown! It was super cool. And, it helped us see the hand of the Lord in our lives more. It was special!

Have a great week everyone!

Find those Miracles!

Elder Greenwood :)

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