Monday, April 3, 2017


Elders Nicoll (CCM Amigo) and Greenwood

What is up!

Happy Conference weekend everybody! Hope that you all enjoyed it!

That was a very special Conference. President Monson may be old, but his words are powerful. His words were few but they said so much.

Passed out invitations to General Conference every time the stop light turned red.

Elders Nicoll, Rojas, Greenwood, and Calizaya

Upon reading the Book of Mormon daily, we will receive the following blessings: 
  • we will be able to resist temptation, 
  • overcome doubts and fears, 
  • and you will receive Help from Heaven! Who doesn't want that?

Elders Calizaya and Greenwood with Sisters and Food!

I know that what the Prophet said to us is what we needed to hear in order to be better prepared to enter in the war against Satan and the world for these next 6 months.

May you apply what you have learned and may we all learn more in order to apply more from these talks!

Must be a Lucky Day!

You guys are the best! 
You are sons and daughters of God. 
What greater title can you ask for?

I love you all!

Elder Greenwood :)

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