Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

 Happy Monday after Easter, Everybody! Hope that you all enjoyed your Easter.

Farewell to Sisters in District

This week was awesome! Thanks to our dear Elders quorum president, we could find another new family to teach. But this family is really something special. The mother is less-active but her husband and 2 of their kids are not baptized. This week we were able to pass by and explain the plan and vision that we have for them.

Easter Sleepover before P-day

We taught them about the importance of the temple and how, through the covenants that we can do in the temple, they will be able to live together as a family for all eternity. And then we taught them about how baptism is a necessary step in order to reach that big goal. And they are all down for it! They are really awesome! The power of members and missionaries working together shines bright.

Zone Activity

Also this week we were able to talk a lot about the Easter video and the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without that sacrifice, the plan of God would not work, and we would be stuck here sinning and unable to progress for eternity.

Jesus Christ came and paid the price for us to be able to repent and be forgiven of our sins. He satisfied the demands of justice and gave us the opportunity to receive mercy and grace. But it only works if we do our part to receive it. And trust me, life is a lot better when we do our part. :)

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Greenwood :)

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