Monday, April 24, 2017

Hot 'n' Spicy Miracles

 How y'all doin' folks? Hope this week of yours is going well. :)

Wow. Landon has really grown since he's been away.

This week was pretty awesome. It has gotten REALLY hot here in Cuauhtemoc. But, we've been seeing many, many, MANY miracles here, even with all the heat!

Gecko in Mexico

One of my favorites from this week was when we were teaching a new family. Present in the lesson were a father, mother, their daughter, and their daughter-in-law (who is a less-active member of the Church). We taught them the powerful lesson of the Restoration and how Joseph Smith set a very good example of HOW we can find the true Church of God. And, tying into that lesson, my comp began to talk to them about our vision that we have for them. Finally, we ended with an invitation to get baptized.

No fear

Up to this point, the father had really not talked, and did not look interested. So, when the invitation was given, there was a moment of intense silence (at least for us hahaha). Then one of the family members spoke up. The father said, "Well, I think that we should go for it." And the whole family accepted and were also part of the people who made it to church this last Sunday. It was awesome. :)

I love the Spirit and I know that it can touch all the hearts that open up to it. Whatever you feel like you need to do in life right now, if the Spirit tells you to do it, then "GO FOR IT!"

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Greenwood :)

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