Monday, May 1, 2017

English as a Second Language

Heyo! This week was pretty awesome!

Training Meeting Object Lesson
P-day Paintball

We are helping the father of a family stop smoking. The poor guy has been smoking since he was 13 and lights up a lot of cigarettes every day. But, he is making a real and true effort to get over it now so that he can get baptized. We called him the other day and he had dropped 4 cigarettes from his normal amount daily! What a stud! Little by little this guy will be ready for his new life. :)

P-day Paintball Pain (Hope it was worth it!)

Speaking of a new life, I got to do some interviews and help a couple of people get baptized this last Saturday, and it was an especially special service. Aside from the fact that it was in Anahuac (MY BIRTHPLACE), it was special to have seen the progress of those people as they prepared themselves. And now, they are down and ready to continue on and learn more!

(I don't even know...)

Yup, The mission is great. And I'm learning invaluable things here. Love it!

Elder Greenwood :)

(Mother there are a couple of spelling errors here. I don't know English. Hahaha)

[Don't worry Child, I've got you!]

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