Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Families are Forever

(Sent 5/15/17)

Heyo People!

Trainers and Trainees

This week was pretty exciting. It is my first FULL week with my dear son, Elder. I named him after myself. jajaja (that's Spanish for hahaha).

Elders Jimenez and Greenwood
We have been working hard and loving life here in Cuauhtemoc. We have a special family where the dad is working on leaving behind his smoking addiction. My comp and I talked to them about the power of prayer and fasting and we decided to fast, all 4 of us together, so that we could have a little bit more of divine help.

The awesome thing is that the parents were fasting and they told their kids later that they weren't going to eat dinner with them because they were fasting. AND THE KIDS (WHO ARE 9 AND 11) DECIDED ALL BY THEMSELVES TO FAST WITH THEM FOR THEIR DADDY. There must have been so much love in that house that night.

Also, in that very same night, the mom was reading the Book of Mormon, when her kids came in (these kids always have told her that the Book of Mormon for them was boring), but they came in and said, "MOM! We want to read with you!" And they all sat down, with the dad too, and they read the Book of Mormon as a family.

It was an amazing testimony to me of how the gospel really and truly brings families together-- and sometimes in very unexpected ways. It is something really special.

Families are Forever in this Church, and in no other. And it brings me so much hope and excitement to do everything I can so that I can be worthy to have an eternal family in the celestial kingdom.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Greenwood :)

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