Thursday, May 11, 2017

Changes! Busy, busy!

Note from Landon's Mom:

New Companion

Farewell to Elder Calizaya

Elder Greenwood had "Changes" this week and wasn't able to write a group email. He is in his same area training a new missionary. He's always wanted children and is very happy to now have three "sons." We will learn more about his new companion when we Skype on Mother's Day.

Farewell to Elder Radichel (Friend from District)

The work is progressing in the area. They had several investigators at church and have seen many miracles in contacting people who are looking to change their lives. One investigator commented this week about the difference he can feel in his heart when the missionaries are at his home.

Part of Zone at "Changes"

Another is working on quitting smoking and even drank a concoction of milk and cigarettes put into a blender. He then tried to smoke and had to run to the bathroom to rid his body of the sickening mess. A little extreme, perhaps, but he really wants to be done with the addiction he has had since age 13.


We are praying that the baptisms scheduled for the end of the month will work out. Mission policy now is that investigators must attend church at least 5 times in addition to being worthy before they can be baptized. It has made a big difference in the dedication level of converts.

Thanks for your continued support of our son! Hard to believe that he will only have one more cycle of changes before he is headed home (12 weeks). We are so grateful for your prayers! Keep 'em coming!

-The Greenwood Family

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