Monday, August 29, 2016


Hello there, my dear friends and family!

Showing Strength
Showing Off Strength

I hope that all is well and that you are continuing strong in the faith. :)

Welp, we just had changes this week. and I'm going to tell you what happened.......
after I tell you what happened this week!

Love sharing the pancakes!
LOVE pancakes!

This week my comp and I went out to look for a person  that we had contacted in the street a while ago. We found his house, knocked on his door, and his wife answered. We talked to her a bit and she got really interested. We went back the next day to visit. And in the lesson, she asked us if it was ok if she could go to church with us :D

AND She asked us when we could come back and visit the whole family.
AND she reminded HERSELF of the homework that we gave her. :)
Wow! I'm excited to continue with her.

Painting Party
Miracles are real my friends. The only requirement to receive one is to believe that you will, and do something to make it happen. And God will help you along the way and make the result even greater than what you hoped for.

Elder Harrison transferred to another area. =(


With the changes, I will be staying here in Delicias with a new comp. And I mean a NEW comp! He just made it here from the MTC in Mexico -- Fresh out of the training center and ready to do some good :)

Elders Morales (NEW companion) and Greenwood
His name is the name of my first father (trainer) in the mission, Elder Morales.
He is from the City of Mexico. He is a convert to the church and the only member of his family. The faith that this guy has to come on the mission, being the only member of his family, is incredible. I am honored and humbled to have the chance to train him. I hope to be able to help him become the best missionary that he possibly can. :)

Love you all! Have the BEST of weeks! :)

Elder Greenwood :)

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