Monday, August 22, 2016


Hello Friends and Family of all ages!

Now I just need some water....
This week has been a week of stuff. I have now completed 1 year in the mission. It went by fast. I love being here and I love doing what I'm doing. I've learned much and still have much to learn. I am eternally grateful that my Heavenly Father gave me the chance to serve a mission. It is the greatest thing that a person can do. If you are at the point of considering going on a misison, my advice for you would be.... DO IT! You will not regret it.

Ready to do the traditional shirt burning

Hit one year mark along with Elder Harrison
It's official! One year down!

Oh look! Found some water! Now I need the boat!

This week, I learned a bit about Diligence. One of the attributes that Christ has. Diligence is the constant effort of doing your best and staying on the path of righteousness (It has a better definition in Preach My Gospel. I just can't remember it right in English. XD )

Quite a change in weather!

The thing is, on a mission, and especially in life, we find ourselves slowly slacking off little by little from the things that we need to be doing. It's natural.

My invitation for all of you is that you can notice those things that you may be slacking off in, and FIX THEM!

Mission Activity - Reunion with Sister from CCM

Find more trust in God and believe that through Jesus Christ change is possible! But the right kind of change takes work, which is why we must be diligent, work, and put in a CONSTANT effort to follow Christ.

(No idea what this is about, but couldn't leave it out.)

I promise you all that you will find purpose in your life and learn to love the Lord more and come to understand just a bit more how much he loves you.

I love you all too! And hope and pray for your well-being! Have a Great week!

Elder Greenwood :)

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