Monday, August 15, 2016

What Lack I Yet?

How's it going, Everybody?

Hurray for Rain!

Hope all is well and life is great!

This week I re-read a couple of talks from the General Conference of last October. Wow, I haven't done a lot of re-reading of Conference talks in my life. I always just watched them, said "well, that was cool," and moved on with my life.

But, those talks are scriptures, and scriptures help you no matter what time it is or how long it's been.
I promise you all that that is true. Those talks I read really helped me remember who I am and learn things that I can do to become a better missionary and person.

One talk that really helped was by a Seventy that talked about a story in the Bible of a rich and righteous man who asked Jesus, "What lack I yet?" or, in other words, "What is keeping me from progressing?"  "What more can I do?"

He then promised us that if we ask Heavenly Father that, that we will receive an answer, and if we apply that answer in our lives, we will progress, become better, help more people, and become a better disciple of Christ.

My invitation is that you can all re-read conference talks and apply them. Ask God, "What Lack I yet?" And you will find more happiness that you thought was possible. The Spirit will guide you to the talks that you need to read to help you as well.

I love you all!
Have a great week!

Elder Greenwood :)

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