Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Last Week in the CCM :O‏

Before, during, and after my first (and last) haircut at the CCM!

I just wanted to start off with a note of respect for the passing of Elder Richard G. Scott. He is surely in a better place with his wife and he did a great work here on the Earth.

Next Monday I leave the CCM and head out into the mission field. I will be sad to leave the CCM, but I am so excited to meet and teach real investigators. I was nervous a bit, but we watched a recorded devotional with Elder Holland last week that was so good! It made me feel like it was time to go and do. He retold the story of after Jesus' death and resurrection, and after he left them, when Peter and the Apostles had no idea what to do with their lives anymore. The apostles had no idea what their lives were anymore. And so, they went back to what they did before. They went fishing.

The story goes on (as we know) and Jesus appears and tells them to cast the net on the right side of the boat. They do and there are so many fish caught that the boat starts to sink. The apostles knew that it was their master. They go to shore and have dinner with Jesus Christ. And Jesus asks Peter, "Do you love me?" Of course Peter said yes. And Jesus asked again, "Peter do you love me?" And Peter, a little flustered, answered yes again. Then the third time (keeping in mind that threes were not something Peter was proud of at the moment (he had just denied Christ three times)). Jesus asked "Peter, do you love me?" Peter said, "Yes, Lord, You know that I love thee!" And Jesus, looked him in the eyes and said, "Feed my sheep."

Jesus did not want his apostles, after all their experiences, to just go back to who they were. We have been called to be disciples of Christ. When we let the Gospel of Christ change who we are, we are expected to never go back. It then becomes our duty and our joy to share what we have been given and not to just say, "Well that was a good spiritual experience" and go back to your old life! God will not be mocked.

 Jesus Christ in a white robe, walking along the banks of the sea and calling out to a group of fishermen, who are pulling their nets into their boat.

I don't know If I've mentioned this before, but after devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday, we have a little meeting with our zone where we share experiences,  promptings, and testimony builders that we've had throughout our time here. They have been my most spiritual experiences here at the CCM. But last nights after-devotional talk topped every one of them. We only had 2 districts there, mine and the other district who is leaving next week with us. We dedicated the meeting a bit to bearing our testimonies to each other as we all leave each other for what may be forever. 

To quote from my Journal: "I felt the spirit stronger than I have ever felt before, which is really saying something. Our after-devotional review turned into the greatest testimony meeting I have ever been a part of. Elder Gardiner (from Santa Barbara, California) started off the cry train with his incredible testimony. People that night  bore strong testimony of the truth of the Gospel. The one that overflowed me with the spirit was Elder Drew, from the other district, when he talked about his time before he was a member of this church and how he was in so much darkness and how he found the light in this church. Tears welled up in me and the Spirit was so strong. When we have a spirit like that and have such an amazing and true Gospel like we do, how can we not share it? It would feel selfish not to share with others what joy, peace, and unspeakable happiness we have been given.

I didn't get the chance to share right away. A couple other missionaries shared right after Elder Drew, including Elder Anderson from the other district. He bore strong testimony. He talked about how his Father has some major health challenges. He may not even be alive when Elder Anderson gets back. But he bore testimony of the Plan of Salvation.
Heidi Greenwood 1995-2013
Then, I was prompted to talk about Heidi, my cousin. I have the hardest time talking about Heidi. Death and loss are some of the hardest things in life for me to handle. But, the Lord helped me through my fear and helped me bear a stronger testimony than I thought I had about the Plan of Salvation. The Plan of Salvation is a plan created by God so that we can all live together with our families again. God sent Jesus Christ down to Earth for us and Jesus was resurrected from the dead so we can be too. And a lot of people don't know that. They think that their family members and friends die and that's it. They will never see them again. The message that they can see their family again, and live with them eternally, is the single greatest message that we can teach people.I cried through the whole thing, but the Spirit was strong.

An Hermana from the other district named Hermana Yerkis was friends with Heidi in High School. She cried, and also bore testimony after me. It was cool to hear about Heidi from the friend side of her life.

After the meeting, we all just started hugging each other. We all felt closer than ever to each other that night. Tons of people came up and hugged me. Elder Anderson told me how much my testimony strengthened his about the Plan of Salvation and his Father. Alma 29:9. I am so grateful that I could be the means of influencing and strengthening another person's testimony. I thank God for getting me to this point of my life where I can help others and I glory in God for the Chance he gave me to be a tool in his hand to bring others closer to Him. I know that He loves us and I know that He wants to help us become the best people we possibly can be. I love you all and hope the best for you in your lives.

Jumping for Joy!
 Elder Greenwood :)

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  1. That was so sweet about Heidi and how fun to meet sister Yerkes. She is darling. Love to Landon.