Thursday, September 10, 2015

GO BYU!! (CCM - Week 3)

Hello all!!!

 Heard about the BYU game all the way down here in Mexico. :) Poor Taysom Hill though.

Bus Ride into Mexico City
Angel of Independence

Sorry that P-day was Thursday this week! We had to go to Immigration to get some passport stuff ready for when we leave to Chihuahua. I took some pictures along the way...

Mexico City Housing
Fine Arts Palace

Juarez Memorial

 This week was pretty fantastic!!  Two more missionaries from Lehi showed up! Elder Spencer Blackham and Elder Nathan Huggins! It was great to see them again!

Sundays are the best days by far in the MTC. The spirit is SO strong every time. And this last week was extra special. We had Fast Sunday here. In Mexico they start their fasts after lunch on Saturday because their big meal is lunch. It was different, but I liked it. After I went to bed I didn't feel all that hungry until lunch on Sunday. I can definitely feel the power and blessings that come from fasting here. It is an honor to be surrounded by so many people who love the Gospel enough to sacrifice and come here. Fasting takes sacrifice too. And, from both, the Lord will bless you as he sees fit.

I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but my comp and I joined the choir! We have performed twice now. Last Tuesday was the EFY medley in Spanish! That was awesome! The Spirit is able to be felt much stronger during the times that people sing to praise God.

Sunday night, we all watched Meet the Mormons. Great movie...hit home a little bit at the end with the Missionary Mom. But seeing another missionary go out, and leave at the airport, reminded me that almost everyone here did that exact same thing. It made me feel like we are all one in the Gospel and that we are all a part of the Army of Helaman right now.

My District in Class

 One of my favorite teachers is Dan Jones. Dan Jones is a winner! His missionary skills are so incredible! I'm just happy that the Lord put me in a position that I could be his mouthpiece and help/influence some of those people. It's one of my goals in life.

Dan Jones and Elder Greenwood
So far, based off everything I've heard about Chihuahua from people who have been there, it sounds like the Texas of Mexico:
- It is the biggest state in the country.
- They have funny accents compared to people elsewhere in Mexico.
- They love meat and spices.
- Some are a little larger, but very strong.
- and There are tons of Cows and Horses there.
Texas of Mexico :)

Clapping Push-ups =) [Mom's note: Looks like Landon will fit right in! Muy fuerte!]
Recently, during companionship prayer, my companion meant to say Te Damos Gracias por la oportunidad a  ayunar hoy. (Meaning, "We give thanks for the opportunity to fast today.") But instead of Ayunar, he said Orinar!!! HAHAHAHA! Let me know if google translate will translate that for you because I'm not putting the meaning in this email!

Back to the spiritual side of things. With a recent lesson that my comp and I gave, we were starting to testify about baptism. I had already thought out that I was going to talk about how important baptism is in their life and how it will help them so much. (This is all in Spanish by the way) And I started to talk and I started talking about my personal experience with baptism and how great it was for me and how it's blessed my life. I didn't plan to say any of that. The Spirit was working through me to say the things that our investigator needed to hear. And the Spirit was very strong because of it. (Alma 29:9)

Study Time
My Mission Scripture: 2 Nephi 31:20

Spiritual promptings are sometimes thought of as these big things that you need to know for sure if it's a prompting before you act on it. But I would like to challenge you all that if you ever have any kind of good thought to do something good, then act on it. Who cares if it's really a prompting or not? Because, if you do it, you will be blessed and later realize that it was a prompting. Anything good is of God. If you can, look up a devotional talk by Elder Bednar about the 20 German marks he gave Elder Packer when Elder Bednar was on his mission.

Love you all!

Elder Greenwood :)

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