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(Sent 10-17-16)
Delivery of 44 Air conditioners!

Well, I don't remember if I already told all of you guys, but, I guess that President likes me here in the offices because he just put me in as his Executive Secretary. So now, I have a ton of different responsibilities that I deal with to make sure that the entire mission functions, such as stuff about Migration, Immigration, buy plane tickets for the missionaries leaving, buy materials for the mission, take care of President's calendar, make sure that all the missionaries have phones and sim cards and that we have registered correctly where they live, make sure that all the missionaries that are going home make it to security and stuff all-right, and basically whatever President asks. I do many things.
Office Missionaries
It is a lot different from normal missionary work. Of course, I still have an area, and I get to work there, and I have a district of sisters to take care of as well. It's very different, but I know that I am here for a reason, and that God has many things in store for me to both teach to others and learn for myself.

Setting up for Street Contacting

I have already started to see one of the why's behind why I am here in the offices. We all went to a zone activity in Chuviscar (My old zone from when I was in Chihuahua, Chih). We went to centro (a big plaza type place with a bunch of little stores where lots of people go to shop) and we set up a table and a projector and lots of signs talking about the self-sufficiency classes that they are going to start giving in the chapel nearest to there.

All set!

We contacted people, inviting them to come and sign up for the class so that they can become self-sufficient physically and spiritually. The studies show that 90% of the non-members who take that class end up getting baptized. :)

Elders Bustos (companion) & Greenwood

So yeah, we were contacting people, playing videos, answering questions, when, out of the blue, walks up a person that I believe I have mentioned in past emails. His name is Mauricio. I started to teach him in Chuviscar with Elder Vivanco. He was an INcredible contact, who started to progress very quickly, he then completely disappeared one day without a trace. Then re-appeared for like a week, and we taught him, and then he disappeared again! But there he was, now about 5-6 months later. He walked up to me and was like, "Hey, you remember me?" I was like "uh (nodding my head a bunch) yeah" and we just started to talk like old friends with him and his friend. Then, I gave him some lesson 1 and 2 booklets and his friend was like, "Hey, can I get some of those too?" It was crazy awesome to see them again and see that they are still interested in the gospel. They just didn't know where to find it.

Zone Activity - Pool and...

Now, I will surely be keeping in touch with the missionaries in that area now to watch his progress. He also gave me his cell number, so we will be talking, and I will be inviting him to church. It was a true surprise (and really a miracle) to see him again.

...Ping Pong

So that is my story for you all this week. I love being a missionary! I've never been happier. I find true peace and joy as I go out and serve others and share the gospel with them --the gospel that has changed my life and the lives of countless others -- the true gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the Earth by God's prophet, Joseph Smith!

Love you all!

Have a Fantastic Week!

Elder Greenwood :)

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