Saturday, October 8, 2016

Buenas Tardes Todos! Como les van? Que bueno.

Office Missionaries
Hello all of you people out in the world today! Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope that it is a quality experience and that you can learn something new from it that will bring you to learn more of and come closer to Christ.

Family Home Evening at the Mission President's Home
This week was a pretty awesome week! We gathered all the Zone Leaders in Chihuahua together and had dinner at President's house and had a little family home evening type thing there. That was tons of fun. Then, the next day we gathered up and talked about what President wants to do to help the mission more and further the work. I learned a lot of new things and will be applying them to my work here in the offices and when I can get back to the normal normal grind of missionary work.

Zone Leaders and Office Missionaries studying at a conference

A miracle that happened this week, that was super cool, actually happened while I was writing my family a little bit ago. I was just sitting here writing when the doorbell of the offices rang. I went to push the security button to let the random dude outside in. (For some reason the thought that I had that maybe he could be dangerous or something just became a stupor of thought in my mind.) He came in and asked us: "Hey, uh, when do you guys have your services in the church next door?" I was like, "Well, they're on Sundays at 9... What's your name? Where do you live? You've talked with missionaries?" hahaha! So, in the end, he talked with missionaries a while back (like 6 months ago) and went to church once. And he'll be joining us tomorrow at 9am with his brand new Book of Mormon in hand! :)Cr azy miracle. I love being a missionary. :)

Those types of things just strengthen my testimony so much about how this is the only true Church of God on the Earth. People literally just feel drawn to it. Those who are humble and prepared will find the truth, or the truth will show up on their doorstep.

These types of miracles don't just happen as missionaries either. They can happen in each and every one of your lives. My challenge for you all this week is to ask God for a "missionary" experience. And then, when you follow the spiritual promptings that you will receive, you will have one. :)

Field Trip

Also! I learned something cool yesterday. I was pondering the steps to repentance, thinking about feeling Godlike sadness. An Elder was feeling it yesterday, but he was like SUPER down, like he REALLY wanted to feel bad. Then, because I've experienced the same sadness that he's felt where you just want to be sad and feel bad, I thought, "but true repentance is more than just feeling bad and changing your actions with a shameful look on your face." 

The last step of repentance, Following Christ and his Commandments, is more than just doing what Christ says. It's doing it with a heart full of joy. Like in Elder Nelson's talk, God put us here on Earth so that we could experience joy. And some of the greatest joy that we can experience is the joy of being forgiven of our sins. Being happy that, now, after making a mistake, we are going to work harder and become better people after all is said and done. It's pretty cool.

I love you all!
Have a Fantastic Week!

Elder Greenwood :)

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