Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello Americans

Hello Americans.

This week was pretty intense.
We had the chance to meet the General Authority, Paul B. Pieper, Area President of MEXICO MEXIco MExico mexico.  (That was supposed to be an echo.)

(#Mision Mexico Chihuahua)

Landon's Graffiti
I learned SO much. It was an incredible experience. He made a list of all the questions that we had for him, and then he taught us how we can figure it out for ourselves. He focused a lot on our own personal Self-sufficiency. Then he taught us how we can help our investigators better learn for themselves, because that is where true conversion comes from -- when we take the time to look for ourselves by searching through the scriptures, studying talks, and praying with all of our hearts.

Nobody can give you your personal conversion or testimony. YOU have to look for it. You have to take the time and put in the effort. Like building a muscle, you can't ask someone to do push-ups for you to gain more muscle. You can ask them how they did it, and they can give you tips. But, until you put in the effort, you will not progress and get stronger, physically or spiritually.

I have studied a lot this week and have found out a lot more about who I am, the talents that I have, and the challenges that I have. I have found weaknesses I have and sins that I commit often. And I have found how to overcome them. I am now applying things that General Authorities and Prophets have counseled, and I am seeing results. 

My kind of restaurant! Write on walls and eat GIANT TORTILLAS!
I know that as we ask specific questions about how we can become better, or find our own testimony, or how you can help someone else come unto Christ, you will find a way, you will become happier, and Your life will have much more meaning. Your vision will be opened more to the love that God has for you and for each one of his Children.

X-ray of Broken Toe (2nd toe from right)
Please, ask yourself a question: "How can I overcome this challenge?..."    "How can I help my friend feel happier?"   "How can I overcome my personal pride and love others more?"   
Then, look for your answer.
It's there.

Elder Greenwood :)

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