Monday, November 16, 2015

First Week in My "New Area"

Hola, hola Everybody!!

View of "New Area"
Cambios (changes/transfers) have happened. My new comp came straight out of his training and started to train me. We now have the other half of AnĂ¡huac as our area. So, it's like having a completely new area while living in the same house. We worked SUPER hard this week and we have the goal to find someone who is ready for baptizm this week. We are going to pray really hard, and work really hard, and search with faith and hope every day and God will help us find people. The scripture James 2:17 comes to mind: "Faith without works is dead". As missionaries, and as members of this church, our faith will only grow as we work hard to help build it and try our very best every day.

Another View

The Hermanas found someone on the street the other day with the desire to be baptized and had some assistences in the church. She was interviewed and found worthy by the district leader that day, and we called President and he said that it was ok to baptize her. So that same day she was baptized! And the next day, in church, she was confirmed. Searching with Faith.

Pass Along Cards

We also had a capacitacion (training) with Presidente Chavez this week. He talked to us about making sure that working hard means that we will receive fruits. Like grapes. But, sometimes, those grapes will turn into raisins if they aren't taught well enough, or don't have a friend in the ward, or other things like that. We need to do our very best to have good baptisms and have many fruits instead of many raisins.

Church Building with Seriously Dedicated Elders
Half the battle is getting the people baptized. The other half is keeping them active. My comp and I find new menos Activos (less-active members) almost every day. It's very sad to see someone who has left what could be and is their only chance to have true happiness in the life after this. It is an example of not exercising faith and working to build it. We plan to visit them too so that their faith can be rekindled and they can feel the blessings of the Lord once again in their lives.

New Friend

Elder Beeson (comp), Elder Mejia (DL), Elder Greenwood

Love you all!
Hasta proxima semana!

Elder Greenwood :) 

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