Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Crazy Week of Divisions!

Como estan todos!
Honey Yogurt - Ahh, the simple pleasures!

My Scripture of the Week last week was 1 Nephi 4:6 (incredible scripture of faith and good works).
My scripture of the week this week is Alma 26:22 (awesome).

This week was absolutly crazy! I literally have not slept in my bed in my house for a week now.

Sun.-Mon. -- Slept in Zone Leader's house
Mon.-Tues. -- My bed
Tues - Sun -- ZL's house
Sun- Mon -- Slept in The AP's house in Chihuahua

I'm pretty confident that I will get to sleep in my own bed tonight, but I was pretty confident of that last Thursday and Saturday! Hahaha! Mission adventures!

Elders Sanchez, Greenwood, Fuentes, Valdivieso

We had those divisions all week so that the zone leaders could help us a bit in our area, doing interviews and stuff. We found 2 people this week who were ready for baptism, and we baptized them! The Field is White, already to harvest.

Elder Greenwood in Mission President's chair. Hmmm...
When I was in Cuahtemuc this week, I also found several people with desires to be baptized with broken hearts, contrite spirits, and everything! They are all ready for baptism. One of them's mom was baptized. I asked the kid if he would like to be baptized too, and he said, "yes!" So, I passed him and other people's addresses and names and stuff to the missionaries in their area, and pretty soon they're going to be baptized! Crazy stuff. Again, the Field is White, Already to Harvest, and we are here to thrust our sickles in with our might (D&C 4).

There are many people who are ready for baptism right now. There are also many who are ready to hear the gospel and build their testimony to be baptized. There are some that need a bit more time to grow. Our job is to find them all and do everything we can to invite them to come unto Christ.

Also spent my P-day in Chihuahua this week. My Zone Leader, Elder Hicken, got permission to come to the offices and say goodbye to his best friend who is going home. He had me go with him. So I got to see the big city! Holy cow. Little ol' Anahuac is so small compared to Chihuahua. It is crazy how big Chihuahua is! And they have stuff there! Like a Costco, Denny's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Home Depot, and IHOP. It's insane. We went to a mall to get Elder Hicken some winter clothes. I walked in and literally felt like I was back in America. It was weird. But it was a fun time being able to hang out with some old missionaries like Elder Hicken's friend, Elder Tolbert. He is apparently related to me (in the mission)! He trained the current AP Elder Larson, who trained some dude named Elder Mayor, who trained Elder Mejia (My District Leader), who trained Elder Beeson (My Dad). WHOA! Small Mission. Hahaha!

Elders Tolbert, Larsen, and Greenwood
Thank you for your prayers! The work is moving forward here and it is an honor to be a part of it. I love this gospel and I love the chance I have to go out and share it here.

Elder Greenwood :)

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