Monday, April 11, 2016

Double Baptism!

Great, Great week this week!

Liseth and Griselda's Baptisms
The Assistants came by on Monday and REALLY helped me and the zone get moving again with work and seeing results. This week, my comp and I destroyed with the Key Indicators that we pass. And the Lord really does bless you when you do what he wants you to do.

 We had one "for sure" baptism this week with the interview and everything. Her name is Griselda. But, we knew that her sister was also ready to go. We just had to win her trust more, animate her, and hope for the mercy of the Lord to kick in. And Hallelujah! Liseth was baptized as well! She got super animated and everything went great.

Utah and Sombreros -- Two of my favorite things!
The field is white and already to harvest. We, as missionaries, are here to pay the price to help someone make steps towards salvation and help those that will let us. Anything is possible with the Lord.

I invite you all to take a chance this week and do something to help someone else come closer to the Gospel in some way, with the hope and faith that the Lord will bless you and them with his infinite mercy.

I love you all! Que tenga una buena semana!!!

Elder Greenwood :)

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