Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Week of Missionary Work Flown By

Hey, hey! How's it going everybody?

We had a pretty normal week in the mission this week. Of course, by normal I mean that things that you could NEVER expect happened to us. It's incredible how frequently that happens.

We were outside a couple days ago, contacting people on the street and looking for an address of someone who wanted us to visit them, when a drunk guy called us over to talk to him and these other 2 non-drunk ladies. This dude then decided to talk to us for almost 30 minutes about all these other churches that he had seen in his life, starting with Catholics, then moving on to Christian Churches, then the Jehovah's Witnesses. 

He told us about all these terrible people that he had met in all those churches and that they didn't practice what they preached. Then, this drunk man proceeded to testify to us and to his 2 lady friends about how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church that he has never ever seen a problem with. That the people are always kind and Charitable, and never judge.
He said all that while drunk. Then, the 2 ladies heard that we believe that having eternal families is possible. And they got SUPER interested.

I learned just a bit more that day about the great responsibility we have as members of the church to ALWAYS be representatives of Christ, no matter who we are, where we came from, or what calling we may or may not have. We have all been called and have made the covenant to take upon us the name of Christ through baptism. And people are watching us and notice the good and bad that we do. When we always strive to do good, it ALWAYS pays off. It's WORTH IT. 

My scripture of the week is Isiah 55:8. The Lord has his ways, and I am always surprised how often and well it works out when we trust in and follow His promptings.

Love you all! Have a Great Week! Be a Good Representative of Christ!!!!

Elder Greenwood :)

----------------------------------- BONUS STORIES--------------------------------

Note from Landon's Mom:
Landon has sent us a couple of stories lately that were not included in his weekly group letter. I'm including them below for your enjoyment. =)

Bonus Story #1 - 

This week, we found a mountain of straight black pebbles. And we just had to climb it. It was super hard. Every step we took, we would start to slide back some. We just had to keep on moving up to avoid sliding down. Way fun :)  But, writing about that just now made me realize that pebble mountain is an example of life. If we don't keep strengthening ourselves and moving towards the top of the mountain, we will slide backwards into old habits and the temptations of Satan. But God is there to help us up the mountain. He is like the guide that is there to tell us where to go.

Bonus Story #2 (so Landon)- 

I did 500 push-ups yesterday....

I did 100 to work out this morning. Then, Elder Babb, our zone leader, used me as an example [at zone conference]. He would give a doughnut to one of the 18 missionaries there and I would have to do 15 push-ups every time he gave out a doughnut. Everybody got a doughnut. I showed my love for the zone by paying for all of them. 270 push-ups more.

Elder Babb told me about 2 hours before that I would be doing it. BUT, he said that he was going to have me do 10 push-ups for each doughnut. Of course I said, piece of cake. I can do it. And I told him that I would be preparing myself and stuff. And he was like "No, don't do that. It needs to be hard!" I said, "OK."

THEN! In the moment, he said that I would be doing 15 every doughnut. I just smiled and knew that I was in for it. Hahaha. Then, in the night, I decided that I couldn't just stop with 370 [for the day], and 400 is a lame number, so yeah. 500 :)

Love you all!

Elder Greenwood :)

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