Monday, December 28, 2015

Prospero Año y Felizidad!‏

Happy new year this week everybody!

Christmas Eve Dinner 2015
Hope you all had a great Christmas! Christmas here was pretty sweet! We had a missionary sleepover, wrestled a bit, and had a piñata! Good stuff, hahaha!

Talked to the Family on Christmas! (Yea for Skype!)

Back Scratcher
Christmas morning was a great time. We all opened our presents and stuff and read our notes from our families (Thank you by the way).  :) And I received a special testimony builder that morning of the love and joy that we have as members in this church, and an even stronger testimony that we can live together forever after this life. It is a gift beyond comprehension. And it is wonderful.

My family sent HLJ (CTR) necklaces for children here
Hacky Sack
Lucky Key Chain

Sand-blasted from the wind!

The day after Christmas was one of the windiest days I 
have ever seen! It was so crazy! My companion and I were just walking along the sidewalk when this GIANT tumbleweed, the size of my car back home, charged right in front of us and into the street! A tiny little car had to swerve around it and then a big ol' city bus just rammed right through it! Hahaha! Awesome!

Massive Tumbleweed! (Even bigger than in Lehi!)

This week, my scripture is Genesis 18:14 - (just the first line) Is anything too hard for the Lord?
I just want everyone to take some time to think about that this week and ponder the meaning of it in your lives.

This week, two of our investigators will probably get married and then they will be baptized! I will fill you in on that sometime next year.

I think it's a Comet! (Must have been Santa's sleigh)
 Love to all,

Elder Greenwood :)

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