Monday, October 5, 2015

First Full Week in the Field

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Hello All! 

Landscape of 1st area
 The mission field is MUCH harder than the CCM. I didn't realize how good we had it there until I left and actually had to live in the living circumstances of average Mexicans. It is truly humbling. My comp only speaks Spanish and I am learning the language rapidly, I feel. The times that I know I am learning the most are when I put trust in the Lord and talk to people on the streets. The Lord helps me every time and I find that I know more than I think I do.

Nice perros


My comp and I contacted all week. While contacting one day, We met someone from North Carolina who only spoke English! My comp was at a loss and I took over the whole thing. With help from the Lord in knowing what to say, I was able to speak to her about the Gospel! It was so cool to be able to do it fully and completely. I feel that it was a blessing from God. I saw and felt the joy that comes from missionary work. Now I can't wait to learn the language better so I can do that everyday!

Plaza in green
General Conference was INcredible. I couldn't get enough. As a missionary you just Eat up the words of the Apostles. Because they're true and because we are out here testifying of them everyday.

In between conferences, I was on exchanges with the district leader, and we and another companionship set out to find people to bring to the next session of conference. We were talking to some people when two guys who were OBVIOUSLY high on something walked up and said (in Spanish, translated) "Who's the boss here?" I looked at the district leader,thinking that He would take over and talk to them, but, to my surprise, he pointed at me and said, "He is!"
Plaza in blue

The high dudes turned to me and started talking to me about WHO KNOWS what! They tried to get me to read some little book upside down for them. I understood what they were asking but I just said, (In spanish) "Sorry I don't speak Spanish! Have a nice day!" Hahaha! it was so funny! My district leader felt so bad afterwards that he made me a missionary lunch of eggs mixed with hot dog bits and noodles. Thanks man. Hahahaha!!

More landscape of area (kilns?)
Final experience, After the Saturday morning session of conference, me and Elder Valdivieso (the district leader's comp) went on an exchange to a member's house for some food. We had a hard time finding the house since I'd never been in their area before and he was new to it. But we finally found it and started eating. I REALLY wanted to make it back on time to conference so we could watch the sustainings and see the revealings of the 3 new apostles. I was so excited. But the member didn't have the food completely ready and was running a bit behind. It didn't look good for making it back on time. I started to freak out a bit at 1:58ish because it's a 10-15 minute walk back to the church. I wasn't focusing on anything but getting back. Then I had a quiet and chastising thought enter my mind, "This is not my time."

Mexican Mystery Machine
All I was thinking about was myself. But I am on a mission. I have chosen to sacrifice two years of my time and give it to the Lord to use however He pleases. And right then and there, He needed me with those members so that we could uplift and strengthen them. I am learning more every day to sacrifice my will and give it to the Lord. When we follow the Lord's will, EVERYTHING will turn out ok. I didn't find out the Apostles when I wanted to, but I did get to find out, and we rewound the conference at the end so I could watch the sustaining of them. The Lord needs us in certain places at certain times and we must be humble enough to submit to his will.
I love you all and hope the best in your lives! And I know that you can achieve "the best" through following the words of God and Christ and his prophets.

Hasta Proxima Semana
Elder Greenwood :)

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