Monday, October 12, 2015

Hello All!

Hope your week has been Swell!!!

This week we had our first official sit down lesson with someone!!! It started off really well. We got on the subject of hymns, and my comp asked them if they would like us to sing one for them. I had a prompting that we should sing "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today." They said "yes," and my comp and I opened our hymn books. I looked at my comp, and he had received the SAME prompting! We both felt like we should sing that song! How cool is that? Out of 209 Spanish Hymns, we both thought of that one. The Spirit is real. Just follow the good thoughts you have in your mind and you will find out later that they were spiritual promptings. Seriously. Do it! It feels SO good!

View of 1st area

 Speaking of promptings, I was also prompted to bear testimony to an investigator that my comp has worked with for a while now. He has troubles with the Word of Wisdom. But I was prompted to bear testimony and I did. The spirit helped me say the words I needed to. The gift of tongues was there and so was the spirit. Tears  came to his eyes. He really wants to change. Though my words were not complex or my grammar perfect. The simplest of words can bear the most powerful of testimonies. There's a church video about that, with Brigham Young and the missionary who helped in his conversion.

1st area Kitchen
1st area Bed (no sheets!)

1st area House Stairs

1st area Desk


Now that's a serious water bottle!
A favorite from the States!


I took a spill on the sidewalk this week. Mexican sidewalks are SO uneven. You never know when there will be a bump or a drop unless you're looking. In this case, it was dark with no lights. I was walking with my comp, and there was a GIANT hole in the sidewalk about 3X3 big. And I stepped right in and WHAM! HAHAHA!! I can laugh now; it hurt then, but there was no real bad injury.

One of my member meals this week was given to us by the owners of a KFC down here. And Mexican KFC is the best KFC I have EVER had EVER.  It was SSOOOO good!

Also rode in the back of a truck from Cuatemuc to Anahuac after a meeting this week. AHAHAHA! We needed a ride and the last bus had already left. And Laws don't exist down here. :) We also J-walk EVERYDAY!!! GO MEXICO!

I passed my "50th day on the mission" mark! Threw a little party and had a PB and J! Hahaha!

My ponderize scripture this week was 3 Nephi 5:1 -  READ IT! SO GOOD! I'd love to hear all of your scriptures as well!

Love you All!!!

Elder Greenwood :)

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