Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas week!!!

 (Sent 12-26-16)

Hey everybody!
I just finished talking to my family on Skype. They are doing well if you were wondering. hahaha!

This week was a crazy week! We, as the office team, had to go to all the Christmas parties to help out and make sure that everything ran smoothly. We had lots of fun and did a lot of work. It was cool to be on the other side of the Christmas parties-- helping and serving all the missionaries and making sure that they were all having a good time.

This week was one of the long awaited weeks of my time here in the offices. After countless miracles, countless disappearances, and countless testimonies given, this person was ready to hear the Gospel. My good friend, Mauricio, got baptized! I ended up missing out on seeing the actual baptism, but I made it just in time to hear him bear his testimony. After seeing him from the very beginning of his journey on the path of righteousness, and then seeing him bear his testimony there, it strengthened my testimony of the power that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has to change lives.

Mauricio is a changed man. It was incredible to see the light that was shining in his eyes. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, it doesn't matter what person you were before or are now, you can change. I've seen it many times here. It was even more powerful this time to see a young man around my age completely change his life around. It was one of the greatest Christmas gifts that I have ever been able to receive to just hear the testimony of a changed man.

Speaking of Christmas, I hope that you all had a great one. Now is the perfect time to change. We celebrate Christmas as a time of renewal, a time to reflect alone and as a family of how we can do better or how we can come closer to Christ. It's a time to celebrate the fact that a baby was born into the world with the purpose of sacrificing himself to save us all -- to give us the chance to overcome our weaknesses and become stronger.

I love you all! Have a happy new year!


Love, Elder Greenwood

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