Thursday, July 21, 2016


(Sent July 19, 2016 - Landon's 11-month mark.)

How's it going, everybody?

DQ Blizzard

Sorry for writing on a Tuesday. We had cambios (changes/transfers) yesterday. I didn't get changed, but I went to go sign some papers for immigration to show that I am a legal white guy here in Mexico. That's right, I've reached that point where it's time to take new pics for my green card. Dang. It's crazy to think how fast the time has passed.

I've learned a lot in my time here in the mission. And I'm excited to learn even more in the future. The mission is a time that is uncomparable to any other time.

This week was nice and hot hahaha. Bet you've never heard me say that in an email yet.

Elders Brindis (comp), Harrison, Lopez, Greenwood, and Viscaya

We have an investigator named Felix. This guy always said that he wanted to come closer to God, but he wouldn't do anything to show it. But, recently, he has started to pass through some hard times in his life. And now, he has begun to read the Book of Mormon and pray.

Zone Peeps (or is it "Peops?")

It's sad that we had to wait for a challenge to come into his life to make him realize that he needs God there. But, now is the time to teach him and help him understand the love that God has for him. We had an incredibly spiritual lesson with him as we taught him from 2 Nephi 4 about when Nephi was passing through a real trial in his life.

The invitation this week for all of you is to remember that God loves you. Whether it's raining or shining in your life, He loves you. Remember that. And remember Him.

Le Crepe in Mexico?
So happy to have pancakes!

Love you all! 
Have the best week ever!
 Elder Greenwood :)

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