Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Working With Members

Hey People!

I'm tweeting from Mexico!
Elder Greenwood wearing his favorite sunblock

This week was a nice and hot week, reaching about 100 degrees a couple of days here. I am learning how to love the heat! Hahaha!

We have been working recently with a less-active family that we found who were baptized YEARS ago. We're working on reactivating them and helping their daughter get baptized this week. We had been talking with the Bishopric about how we could help them reactivate, baptize their daughter, and help them stay in the church. They gave us the idea of inviting them to a ward activity to celebrate father's day.

Now, lots of times it's a struggle to have investigators in ward activities because they kind of just stand awkwardly in the corner with us. And some people will come sometimes and say, "Hi!"... and that's it. BUT! When we took them there, they were doing a Father's Day sack race with the fathers and they invited our investigator up in front of everyone! And he just lit up during the race. And his kids LOVED it. Afterwards they even participated in another activity with everybody else and got to know a couple of people.

I learned that the best missionary work, the kind where the people stay in the Church with us for time and all eternity, is when the members and the missionaries work together to bring others to Christ. Members can do incredible things by themselves to bring others unto Christ, and so can missionaries. But only when we work together will we find more success than we even imagined.

Lightning in Mexico!

My invitation this week is that you can all invite someone to an activity, to church, to anything. And then, bring the missionaries. And together, you'll help your spiritual brother or sister receive the happiness and joy that you have in this gospel.

I love you all!
Have a FANtastic week!

Elder Greenwood :)

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