Monday, February 15, 2016

Cosas que hizimos esta semana :)‏

What's up y'all!!!

This week was a good week. We did a lot of divisions and stuff. But I know that through our hard and efficient work that we will see miracles and baptisms.

Speaking of miracles, 2 of our investigators came to the church all by themselves this week!! Normally, we have to pass by their house and remind them, or wake them up.We had a plan to visit one of them and go to church at 8:30 with her. We called her just before we got on the bus to go to our area, and she said "oh, I'm already headed out the door for the bus to the church." YEAH!

So we went on the bus to the stop closest to the church to wait for her. After like 10 minutes we started to worry and we called her again, and she said "Oh, I'm almost there."All by herself she went to church. This person's faith is strong in the blessings that come from going to church.

And our other investigator, "we didn't have time to go to his house," we called and called and there was no answer. And then, in the church, he just walked in!!!! This kid is 16! And he came all by himself!! It was incredible!!

Blessings come eventually, when we are doing the things we know we should. The thing is, they don't always come when we want them to. But they always come. Have faith and a perfect brightness of hope. Blessings always come :)

Love you all!! Hope your Valentine's Day was Swell!!!!

Elder Greenwood :)

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