Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Crazy Crazy Week of Stuff

We had a pretty insane week this week. SO much stuff happened and so many challenges and miracles passed that I believe that this last week will be a week that I will never forget in the mission.

Starting off, on Monday night, me and my District Leader went to the house of someone who literally the day of her baptism sent us a message when the font was full saying that she wouldn't be coming. On that same day, of course,  we ran to find her. She told us that she wanted to stay Catholic with her family and stuff. But my comp and I knew that she knew that the church was true. But, there was nothing we could do, and it was an incredibly sad day.

My district leader and I went there, now after about 2 months, and he interviewed her and she found her testimony and chose to be baptized! This time she came to her baptism and everything was incredible and wonderful. She loved her baptism and said that she felt a peace that she hasn't felt before.

We also had the chance to baptize a little 9 year old girl named Xochitl (pronounced - So-chee-tl with less emphasis on the t). We found her and her family by a pure miracle, knocking on the neighbor's door of one of our investigators to see if they knew if our investigators were home. They have the goal now to reactivate as a family and make it to the temple to be sealed!

DJ Landon
 Crazy things happened and more crazy things are sure to come. The mission is full of miracles and I am extremely happy and humbled to have the opportunity to be here, a part of the front lines of God's army, fighting to bring others to the truth.

Celebrating Elders Sanchez & Heindal's Birthdays

Lots of good food in Mexico!

Have a great week everyone, and remember to be a good soldier in God's army!

Elder Greenwood :)

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