Monday, January 18, 2016

Cool Subject Line

Hi everybody!
On top of the!
I'm quite studly, aren't I? do I get down?
This week was a good week! My comp and I worked hard. Elder Vivanco has 19 months in the mission and is still going strong! Hahaha! He is a REALLY good teacher. I am learning a lot from him. It's pretty great :)

Guess I'll jump!
This week we played some soccer with some little Mexican kids. I didn't get as wrecked as I thought I would. Hahaha! I pulled some pretty sick moves on those 12-13 year olds hahaha! But it was tons of fun and we have their addresses now so we can visit them and talk about the gospel and how it can make you more happy than soccer. :)

This last Sunday, we had a few investigators who said that they would come to church by themselves, (so we went and brought other investigators to the church), and some of those people didn't show. My comp, when that happened said, "Why don't people want to receive blessings?"

Ate straight habenero...the pain!
It's the truth - going to church and doing the things that God wants us to do brings us more blessings than we realize. But sometimes we don't realize that. When we know the reason why we do the things we do, like go to church, it will make us want to go more, and we'll be more happy to do it.

All the "Whys" of the commandments of God are found in the Scriptures. I invite you all to read about a certain subject that you may be unsure on the "why."I promise that your testimony will be strengthened on that subject as you do so.

My scripture of the week is Alma 37:37 - It's about Prayer. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have in the war against Satan (D&C 10:5) And it helps us stay calm when we're in times of stormy troubles. Prayer is one of the greatest gifts that God has given us the ability to do.

Love you all! Have a great week and Stuff! Enjoy life to the fullest! Animo!!!

Elder Greenwood :)

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